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Redcon1 Fade Out Review [Best Sleep Supplement of 2024?]

Redcon1 Fade Out claims it will knock your ass out. But is it really packed with zzzzzzzzs? And is there a nasty hangover?

In today’s Redcon1 Fade Out review, we’re going deep inside this powerful sleep formula and looking at its:

  • effects
  • ingredients
  • flavor, taste and color
  • consistency
  • convenience
  • cost

And more.

We’re also comparing it to Nature Made Melatonin, one of the industry standards for over-the-counter sleep aids.

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TLDR: Redcon1 Fade Out Review

πŸ’€ Redcon1 Fade Out is a supplement meant to help you fall and stay asleep.

πŸ₯€ It’s packed with a powerful blend of sleep aids such as melatonin, valerian root, chamomile and hops, to name a few.

πŸ‘€ I decided to try Fade Out because I have insomnia.

πŸ›οΈ It’s the best sleep I’ve had in months… BUT, well… Read on.


What is Redcon1 Fade Out?

Redcon1 Fade Out is a powerful blend of vitamins and sleep aids such as:

βœ… Magnesium

βœ… Zinc

βœ… Melatonin

βœ… GABA

βœ… Ornithine

And more.

(We’ll get more into their functions in just a bit.)

Redcon1 claims you’ll achieve deeper REM sleep while using Fade Out.

Studies show that proper sleep supports growth hormone production which aids in muscle recovery.

Redcon1 Fade Out Review

Now let’s take a look inside one of these tubs of Fade Out and see what it’s got in store… if you can stay awake for it. πŸ’€

Pros of Fade Out

  • I fall asleep sooner
  • I stay asleep longer
  • I wake up feeling refreshed


  • Grainy texture
  • Ugly appearance

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Effects

Full disclosure: I have had insomnia pretty much my entire life.

So sleep doesn’t come easy.

Even so, I never take more than half a scoop of Fade Out (I’ll tell you my horror story in just a minute). πŸ‘Ή

black tub of redcon1 fade out lights out sleep formula orange flavor with black label
How much of a punch does Redcon1 Fade Out deliver? πŸ₯Š

I’ve decided to give you the effects of Redcon1 Fade Out in real time.

So let’s check it out:

My Redcon1 Fade Out sleep study

πŸ‘€ 9:25 PM – I’m awake, but my body is starting to wind down.

πŸ˜‹ 9:52 PM – I prepare a glass of Redcon1 Fade Out (1/2 scoop), and guzzle it down.

πŸ₯± 10:15 PM – Caught my first yawn and my eyes are feeling heavy.

πŸ›οΈ 10:20 PM: My breathing is slowing down, so I decide to turn in to bed.

🦡 10:23 PM: My legs are getting fidgety.

😴 10:30ish PM: I remember nothing from this point forward.

πŸ’€ 12:15 AM: I’m later told that I was snoring like a convoy of truckers. 🚚

⏰ 3:18 AM: I wake up, check the time and fall back asleep.

β˜€οΈ 6:58 AM: I’m up and ready to face the day. No sluggishness to note.

For someone with insomnia, I was pretty impressed that I only woke up once (that I remember).

And in the morning, I felt refreshed.

This was a relief.

In the past, I’ve taken prescription sleeping medications.

And I almost always felt sluggish or drugged the morning after.

But I definitely didn’t experience that with Fade Out. πŸŽ‰

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Dosage

The dosage for Redcon1 Fade Out can be a bit tricky because there are a few things to consider.

First of all, always read all labels before trying a new product.

For example, Redcon1 Fade Out has a few crucial tips:

1️⃣ Redcon1 says to take Fade Out 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

2️⃣ They recommend you start with 1/2 scoop to assess your tolerance.

open tub of redcon1 fade out next to wooden block holding scoop of fade out powder
Take Redcon1 Fade Out 30 minutes prior to bedtime

3️⃣ Mix with 4-6 ounces of water and drink on an empty stomach.

4️⃣ Allow for 6-8 hours of sleep after consuming.

5️⃣ Do not exceed 1 scoop within a 24-hour period.

🧚 Once upon a time, I took a full scoop of Redcon1 Fade Out.

I didn’t assess my tolerance by starting with 1/2 scoop.

Big mistake.

I woke up groggier than a bear coming out of hibernation and my day was over before it started. 🧸

Driving wasn’t an option.

It felt like a hangover without the headache.

I was fuzzy and drowsy.

In my opinion, this mix is not to be taken lightly!

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Ingredients

Fade Out starts you off with a burst of vitamins such as:

βœ… Vitamin C – antioxidant, supports immune system

βœ… Vitamin E – antioxidant, promotes post-workout recovery

βœ… Vitamin B6 – helps create neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine

βœ… Magnesium – helps support sleep quality, regulates nervous system

βœ… Zinc – regulates immune function, helps regulate sleep

Redcon1 claims these vitamins are included to help support your immune system while you sleep.

redcon1 fade out black tub with black label showcasing supplement facts and ingredients
Ingredients: Redcon1 Fade Out

Then there’s a blend of ingredients that are supposed to make you feel relaxed and sleeeeeeepy 😴:

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), 3greduces excitability
Arginine, 1gregulates blood pressure
Mucuna Pruriens, 1greduces stress
Phenylalanine, 750mgmelanin synthesis
Valerian Root, 600mgmild sedative, sleep aid
Ornithine, 600mgrelieves stress, improves sleep quality
Theanine, 500mgreduces stress and anxiety
Chamomile, 350 mgpromotes sleep, reduces anxiety
Hops, 300mgincreases sleep time
Melatonin, 5ginitiates and helps maintain sleep, reduces core body temperature

And it finishes off with some inactive ingredients like citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, malic acid, maltodextrin, acesulfame-k and silica.

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Flavor, Taste, Color and Consistency

I’ve gotta say, Fade Out isn’t the most attractive drink I’ve ever put in my body:

As you can see, it’s a brownish sludge color.

So that’s a bit of a turn off.

But then I heard a ghost-like voice humming from the elliptical πŸ‘»:

“Drink it in the dark, bro.”

In all seriousness, I do like that Redcon1 doesn’t use artificial colors.

I tried the Orange flavor.

Because of all the vitamins in the mix, it tastes like an orange Flintstones vitamin (remember those?).

Another thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was the consistency.

The mix was almost grainy.

And there was a bit of sediment that collected pretty quickly at the bottom of the glass.

But with a few swishes, I was able to loosen the sediment and drink it down.

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Convenience

Redcon1 Fade Out comes in a 30-serving tub.

It’s relatively small so you can bring it with you in your overnight bag.

As of now, Redcon1 doesn’t offer a Ready To Drink version of Fade Out.

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Cost

A 30-serving tub of Redcon1 Fade Out costs $49.99, or about $1.67 per serving.

That can seem a little pricey to some people.

But keep in mind that Redcon1 has sales ALL. πŸ‘ THE. πŸ‘ DAMN. πŸ‘ TIME. πŸ‘

Fade Out vs Nature Made Melatonin

We know that Fade Out contains a powerful blend of sleep aids.

But how does it compare to Nature Made Melatonin?

Well, both contain 5mg of melatonin.

But with Nature Made, that’s it.

No hops.

No valerian root.


Just melatonin.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

wood block with pile of white pills in front of a bottle reading nature made melatonin 5 mg supports restful sleep naturally helps you fall asleep faster dietary supplement 300 tablets
Nature Made Melatonin may be a good introduction to sleep aids

Rather, I think the Nature Made Melatonin supplement may be ideal for people that are new to sleep aids.

Instead of flooding your body with all kinds of sleep enhancers, you can start with the basics.

One option is to see if melatonin is enough to send you drifting into a restful night’s sleep.

Or if you’re a hardcore insomniac like me, you might want to go with Fade Out to shoot you into another dimension ASAP. πŸš€

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Testimonials

I think it is great. I have trouble sleeping and this supp makes me fall asleep fast and I wake up feeling refreshed.

Derrick D.

… Had to cut the dose in half because it knocked us out so hard. It’s a great find for anyone suffering from sleep issues.

Robert S.

And I think Redcon1’s CEO Aaron Singerman said it best:

Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Conclusion

So is Redcon1 Fade Out worth it this year?

I think so.

Having hardcore insomnia, I haven’t found a supplement that completely eliminates my sleep issues.

But Redcon1 Fade Out really helps.

I fall asleep faster, wake up less frequently, and stay asleep longer.

So if you’re looking for something stronger than standalone melatonin, I think Fade Out is a must-try.

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