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Redcon1 Total War Review [Best Pre-Workout Supplement in 2024?]

Today I’m investigating one of the most popular pre-workouts on the market. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

In today’s Redcon1 Total War Review, I’m going deep inside Total War to show you:

  • effects
  • ingredients
  • flavor, taste and color
  • consistency
  • convenience
  • cost

And most importantly, does it get me jacked??

Read on to find out.

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As you may know, Redcon1 is the fastest growing sports supplement company in history.

Their goal is to create high quality supplements for:

  • gym newbies
  • soccer moms
  • athletes
  • gym rats
  • bodybuilders

And more.

Ok cool but… What is Redcon1 Total War?

Redcon1 Total War is a high-stim pre-workout.

This means that it contains caffeine and other stimulants.

One of the strongest pre-workouts on the market, Total War claims it’s formulated to:

๐Ÿ“Œ give you high energy

๐Ÿ“Œ deliver insane pumps

๐Ÿ“Œ help you avoid that dreaded crash at the end of your workout

Redcon1 Total War powder (Zombie Blood flavor)

Redcon1 Total War Review: What should I expect after I drink Redcon1 Total War?

Well, it depends. Every body is different.

And Redcon1 recommends starting off with a half scoop to assess your tolerance.

Assessing your tolerance means monitoring how your body responds to the product.

Are you feeling alert and ready to rock? โšกโšกโšก

Or does it feel like you’re going to have a heart attack? ๐Ÿ’“ ๐Ÿš‘

Listen to your damn body.

Assess your tolerance when taking Redcon1 Total War or any pre-workout

I’m glad I did...

How I started using Redcon1 Total War:

In 2019, I was in the gym.

Free of any and all stimulants, powders and pills.

Then, something in the vending machine caught my eye: a bottle of Total War Ready to Drink.

I wondered what the hell this beast of a drink had in store, and just had to try it.

Scrounging for change in my gym bag, I deposited $3.50 and out popped a Rainbow Candy-flavored Total War.

The taste was sweet but not sugary… The liquid cold, crystal clear.

I drank half the bottle and on I went.

Within minutes, I was sent to to tingle town.

My body vibrated and my motivation skyrocketed.

At that very moment, I became unstoppable. I was a legend in my own mind.

Redcon1 Total War Review: My routine & experience

I’ve been using Redcon1 Total War for every workout since I first tried it in 2019.

Yes bro, I’m serious.

Every. Single. Workout.

No exceptions.

I still only use 1/2 to 3/4 of a scoop.

redcon1 total war lone star tub next to glass sitting on wood block holding water and total war mixture with measuring cup pouring in more water
Mixing water into my Redcon1 Total War pre-workout

So I have a ritual when I drink my Total War:

โฐ 4:00AM – I mix half a scoop of Total War with 6-8 ounces of water and drink over the next 15 minutes. Otherwise the rush is too intense if I drink it too quickly.

โฐ 4:15AM – My head, lips and arms literally start tingling. That’s when I hop in the car and head to the gym.

โฐ 4:20AM – 6:20AM – Workout until I almost drop.

Typically if I don’t take a pre-workout, my visit to the gym lasts under an hour.

But when I take Redcon1 Total War, I can usually go for 2-3 hours no problem.

That includes cardio and moderate weightlifting.

And when I mix Redcon1 Total War with Redcon1 Big Noise, my pumps are insane.

But we’ll get into that another day.

Total War tingles: if you’ve had ’em, you get it

Something to consider: Total War affects people differently.

So my experience may not be the same as yours.

Just be sure to always, always assess your tolerance and read all labels to make sure Total War is right for you.

Redcon1 Total War Review: Ingredients

Total War is loaded with caffeine, amino acids and some other active ingredients.

redcon1 total war lone star sealed tub showcasing supplement facts and ingredients
Redcon1 Total War Review: Ingredients

Let’s take a look at what one scoop of Redcon1 Total War powder will give you.

Here are the active ingredients and what they’re used for:

Citrulline Malate 2:1 Ratio, 6genhances athletic anaerobic performance, relieves muscle soreness
Beta-Alanine, 3.2gmuscle endurance
Agmatine Sulfate, 1gimproves athletic performance
Taurine, 1genhances mental and athletic performance
Caffeine Anhydrous, 250mgenergy booster
Juniper Berry Extract, 150 mgdiuretic
Di-Caffeine Malate, 100mgincreased energy without the crash
Green Tea Extract, 45mgpromotes weight loss, exercise recovery
Naringin, 25mganti-inflammatory and antioxidant
BioPerine, 10mgaids in absorption, decreases inflammation
Theobroma Cocoa Extract, 5mgimproves blood flow

Then you’ve got your standard filler like natural and artificial flavors, disodium phosphate, silica, calcium silicate, sucralose, citric acid, maldodextrin, and acesulfame-potassium.

Note that some ingredients may be different based on the flavor of Total War.

Redcon1 Total War Review: Best Total War Flavors

If you’ve tried pre-workouts, you know some of them taste like absolute hot garbage. โ™จ๏ธ

And that’s not something you necessarily want to put in your body.

Redcon1 Total War pre-workout tastes better than any other pre-workout that I’ve tried.

By far.

In my opinion, here are some of the best Total War flavors:

  • Tiger’s Blood – cherry-coconut
  • Rainbow Candy – Smarties
  • Grape – Grape Jolly Ranchers
  • White Walker – grapefruit
  • Demogorgon Blood – cherry-lime
  • Fireball OlympiaFireball cinnamon whiskey
  • Zombie Blood – strawberry-kiwi
  • Lemon-Lime – Sprite soda
  • Lone Star – Texas tea

Some of their other flavors include Vice City, Green Apple, Bubblegum, Rocket Bomb and many more.

Be sure to check out Redcon1’s current Total War flavors on their site.

Redcon1 Total War Review: Consistency

I started this site so I could share my experiences with workout supplements.

And so many I’ve tried are a clumpy, chunky mess.

But Total War is one of the few exceptions.

The powder is smooth and fine. And it’s easy to mix.

That said, if you don’t drink Total War fast enough, there probably will be some sediment at the bottom of the glass.

But just swish and slug and you’ll be good to go.

Convenience: Is Total War ready to drink?

Yes. It’s called Ready to Drink (RTD).

It comes in a 12 ounce plastic bottle.

open bottle of redcon1 total war ready to drink in a pink and purple bottle next to a glass half filled with clear total war drink
Redcon1 Total War RTC Rainbow Candy

There are 3 key differences between Total War RTD and the Total War powder:

1๏ธโƒฃ Caffeine contentTotal War Ready to Drink contains 350mg of caffeine per serving.

Whereas Total war powder from the tub contains a little less at 320mg of caffeine per serving.

2๏ธโƒฃ The consistencyTotal War Ready to Drink is clear and smooth… no tiny granules at the bottom of the bottle.

But with Total War powder from the tub, a lot of sediment can settle at the bottom. So it might require a few shake-ups while drinking.

3๏ธโƒฃ The price – A 12-pack of Ready to Drink Total War costs a few bucks less than a 30-serving tub of Total War powder.

On a per-serving basis, Total War Ready to Drink is a little more expensive.

So while I love the convenience of the Ready to Drink, the powder is more economical.

Redcon1 Total War Review: Cost

You can buy a 30-serving tub of Redcon1 Total War pre-workout powder for $42.99, or about $1.43 per serving.

Or you can get a 12-pack of Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink for about $39.99, or about $3.33 per serving.

That can seem a little pricey compared to the tub.

But keep in mind: you can always drink half a bottle which would be the powder equivalent of a half scoop.

What others are saying about Redcon1 Total War:

Truly the best pre-workout supplement I have ever had…

Ross P.

This is the best pre-workout Iโ€™ve tried. Love all the flavors as well as the pump! Stack with big noise for even better pump.

Ryan A.

…It’s everything you need in one pre-workout… You get energy, pump, endurance, mental focus, clarity, drive…

Dallas McCarver

Finally, the burning question: does total war get me jacked?

YES. Yes it does.

I’m an unstoppable powerhouse when using Total War before my workouts. Especially when I pair it with Big Noise for those unbeatable pumps.

Redcon1 Total War Review: Conclusion

So is Redcon1 Total War worth it?

I think so.

If you’re looking for a high-stim pre-workout without the crash, I recommend Redcon1 Total War.

And whether you choose the Total War powder or the Total War RTD, you’ll likely get pretty much the same results.

And a killer workout.

Finally, be sure to read all warnings on the packaging. And always assess your tolerance when trying new supplements.

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Redcon1 Total War powder and Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink have a couple key differences. For starters, Total War powder has 320mg of caffeine while the Total War RTD has 350mg of caffeine. Another difference is that the Total War powder tends to settle, so you’ll have to give it a few shakes while drinking. Total War Ready to Drink is smooth with no granules. But that comes at a cost. A 12-pack of Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink (RTD) costs roughly the same as a 30-serving tub of Total War powder. Learn more about Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink and powder in today’s post.

Can I take Redcon1 Big Noise with Redcon1 Total War?

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What’s the Redcon1 Total War caffeine content?

For Redcon1 Total War powder, there is 320mg of caffeine per serving. But for the Redcon1 Total War RTD (ready to drink), there is 350mg of caffeine per serving. Learn more about other key ingredients in Redcon1 Total War in today’s post.

What is Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink (RTD)?

Redcon1 Total War RTD is the prepared version of Redcon1’s most popular pre-workout Total War. Total War Ready to Drink comes in 12 ounce bottles in a variety of flavors. It contains slightly more caffeine than Total War powder. Learn more about Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink in today’s article.